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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Special Overview 2022


"Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Special Overview 2022" is an open-access 75-pages report. 

World Map of Single or Group Sightings


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This Overview summarizes recent discoveries, trends, and developments in the field of UAP (Undefined Aerial Phenomena) research. Also it provides a Special Case Study on U.S. report “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” published on June 25th. Taking it as one of the main sources, the Overview expands the theme to a global scale and briefly retells the story of humanity to catch the UAP observed. 

Since 2004, there have been numerous cases reported worldwide.  Also, there are new advanced technologies (SMART, CORE3D, IARPA) to monitor and discover UAP. However, the challenge is to coordinate international cooperation, develop standardized approaches and provide sufficient funds. In light of the techno-signatures received from outer space, potential challenges and threats regarding UAP are discussed here. As result, the brand new reality implies a need to define and elaborate on relevant policies and technologies. SpaceTech Analytics discusses the current and future developments and makes a few projections concerning the future social impacts.

We assume the presence of minor inaccuracies in the first iteration of the project, which will be corrected in future releases.

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