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Mark Boggett

CEO at Seraphim

Space Fund

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Great to see Forbes coverage of the thriving global spacetech market. Whilst their $10 trillion forecast by 2030 is the most optimistic I've seen to date I'm certainly in complete agreement we're looking at trillions.

Mark Boggett

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Estelle Godard 

Europian Space Agency (ESA) Representative

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Forbes published the impressive market map by SpaceTech Analytics of the spacetech market, showing the significant contributions space provide worldwide, and estimated to reach $10 trillion by 2030.

Estelle Godard 

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John Weathersby

Founder of StellarModal

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If you are looking for the best information regarding the burgeoning space commerce industry, you must start off with the SpaceTech Analytics report. Great info. Great graphics. Excellent reference materials.

John Weathersby

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John Koetsier

Write at Forbes, CEO of $SMRT

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It’s not just SpaceX. Elon Musk’s SpaceX might get all the headlines, but there are now a huge number of companies who are competing to open up an unprecedented level of human access to space. The U.S. now has 5,582 space-focused companies, almost ten times more than the next country, the UK, which has 615.

John Koetsier

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Space Inc: 10,000 Companies, $4T Value ... And 52% American

The first iteration of our report was mentioned in the article by John Koetsier, Forbes Senior Contributor.This is the first mentioning of SpaceTech Analytics in a global issues dedicated to world's biggest issues and solutions like Forbes.


Follow the link below to read the full version.


FOX 40 shares the news upon the SpaceTech Analytics Release

Some of the analysis’s takeaways include the following:
- The growing number of IPOs in the SpaceTech industry shows a high level of interest among investors in this sector.
- With a total of $28B received investments, American companies are winning sixfold in terms of SpaceTech investments.

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Citizen Tribune values a lot the contribution of SpaceTech Analytics into the Industry

Recently released case studies by SpaceTech Analytics, leading analytical agency in the field of space technologies, innovations have been reviewed by Citizen Tribune digital edition. The edition expresses interest and waiting for the second iteration of analytical reports for the publicly traded SpaceTech companies.


MarketWatch is impressed by the quantity of data processed by SpaceTech Analytics

Market watch draws the reader's attention to the key bullet point of the analytical case studies. The report characterizes the publicly traded companies from the space industry by a variety of financial factors. These public companies became the most discussed: Virgin Galactic (SPCE), Boeing (BA), and others [incl. NOC; IRDM; LMT; AJRD]


Yahoo! Finance share the Business Wire review

Based on a comprehensive analysis of key market players and overall industry dynamics, the project has identified a number of key trends and insights about the investment landscape, R&D collaborations, and more. Some of the analysis’ takeaways include:
- The Space Technology sector continues to consolidate;
- Reusable Launch vehicle companies are competing to reduce the launch-to-orbit cost;
- The Small Satellite sector is on the way to becoming the most promising;
- The Earth Observation sector is "heating up."


Financial Post awaiting for the second edition of the SpaceTech Analytics case study

The release delivers information about major industry trends and sector insights on 350+ SpaceTech publicly traded companies and 700 investors. This is a part of an inaugural 165-page case study ‘SpaceTech Industry Landscape Overview’, dedicated to providing information about other segments of the space industry. It has a special analytical case study, interactive mindmaps, and associated IT-Platform, which distil the major trends and key insights of the project for easy consumption by strategic decision makers.

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