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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this Dashboard?

The SpaceTech Analytics Big Data Analytics Dashboard is a specialized resource, which aggregates a number of advanced analytics tools, including interactive mindmaps, business intelligence platform, and advanced visualization charts into one explorable prototype where you can familiarize yourself with data and functionalities - both currently implemented and coming soon. 


What if I need to update information about my company on your business intelligence platform? 

You can easily do so by claiming your profile, after which you can update the information. Updates can also be made by contacting us at Updating your profile is highly recommended, since our reports are accessed by numerous high-profile decision-makers, investors, consultants, and journalists, so keeping information up-to-date ensures a higher chance of l dealmaking or brand development.


Where do you get data for your analytics and interactive mindmaps?

Data comes from several sources, including automatic web-parsing engines, application programming interface (API) integrations with reputable databases, and manual data aggregation/curation by our team of highly skilled analysts, including PhD-level industry experts. Part of the data comes from platform users willing to update their company profiles and suggesting new information for our review. 

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