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About us

SpaceTech Analytics (STA) is a strategic analytics agency focused on markets

in the Space Exploration, Spaceflight, Space Medicine, and Satellite Tech industries

The range of activities includes research and analysis on major areas of high potential in the SpaceTech industry, maintaining profiling of companies and government agencies based on their innovation potential and business activity, and providing consulting and analytical services to advance the SpaceTech sector.

Space-related technologies are being developed at an enormous speed nowadays. The launch vehicle, satellite, propulsion, manufacturing, and other companies emerge every quarter. Big companies in SpaceTech share their innovations and breakthroughs every week.


Several countries have already planned their Mars colonization projects; others have a clear vision of lunar scientific stations.


Space tourism has finally become available and is on its way to becoming more and more accessible. In this sense, the present report is designed as an in-depth review of the state of the art in space technologies including space medicine and R&D to advise accurately the market, industry, and public sectors. 

Our IT-Platform is designed to make key strategic recommendations and guidance regarding space-related technologies and techniques, within the reach of companies, other entities, and nations, in order to assist them in optimizing their action plans and strategies, providing specialized guidelines for business, and investment core decisions.

SpaceTech Analytics, a new spin-off of Deep Knowledge Group’s flagship subsidiary, Deep Knowledge Analytics.

New World
Proprietary Analytics
Our range of proprietary services includes custom analytics projects, based on the specific customer needs, as well as a collection of pre-produced “ready-to-use” proprietary reports, produced by our research team, covering general trends and specific action ideas and strategic insights related to the most promising investment prospects (e.g. new technologies, SpaceTech startups), M&A prospects (e.g. pipeline development targets), and strategic growth ideas (trends profiling, industry overviews, etc).
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