Our Partners

The StellarModal Intermodal Transportation Association (StellarModal) is an international tradeassociation whose mission is to promote the advancement of transportation systems which will supportthe field of space-based commerce.


SpaceBorn United is the first bio-tech and mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2021, make conception in space feasible by 2023 and enable real human birth in space by 2028.

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Space Ventures Investors dedicates its expertise to support innovative early-stage, pre-seed and seed stage, companies operating in the Space Commerce ecosystem in Europe.

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Promin Aerospace is a Ukrainian space startup that builds the smallest orbital rocket in history. The company plans to create an engine for ultralight missiles, as well as invest in further development and promotion of the product.


Carolina Institute of Technology (CIT) was founded in 2017 when Dr. Neset Hikmet set out to create an arena that supports CS, IT, and STEM. 

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SpaceToday.com is a leading destination for space news and information. They provide you with daily news as well a number of other features not available on other space news websites. 


Space4Women is a project of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) to promote women's empowerment in space.

Space Connex was established to connect, collaborate and catalyze ideas, actions, people and projects that lead to the opening of the space frontier.

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AerOx has its main objectives being the support, development and promotion of aeronautical knowledge, both theoretical and practical, through activities and events in the University of Oxford. 


Massive Transformative Purpose: The Moon, Mars, and Beyond – We Are Civilization Type One!: Leading the Data Scientists and Humanity Towards Exponential Growth and a Multi-planetary Future.


A Think Tank company developing global, inclusive, diverse and disruptive
​scientific projects and educational initiatives

Space Is For You is the place to learn how space helps us in our everyday lives.

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A young Singapore-based leading space-tech company, ALIENA designs, develops and provides ultra-low-power electric propulsion solutions for small satellite platforms.

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An education and advocacy non-profit dedicated to advancing the space economy by developing critical infrastructure to enable it, investment tools to finance it, and a workforce to power it.


The trade association with the overarching intent to increase awareness at the state and federal level about the unique needs of the space finance sector. 


 Exodus Orbitals provides a "satellite-as-a-service" application hosting platform in space.


Cygnus Aerospace providing to their clients cost -effective solutions, based on microsatellite and cubesat technology, and a high level of technical support at all stages of the product life cycle.


Copernic space uses innovative technology and models to scale up the commercialization and financing of the space economy, so millions will better benefit from space assets.

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Antarexxa is a startup based in Bali, Indonesia focusing on increasing public awareness and interest in the NewSpace industry.


Infinite Composites provides products for aerospace, aviation, defense, bulk gas transport and vehicular transportation markets.


Advisory Board

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Courtney Stadd

Consultant, former and first 
Head of the Office of Commercial Space Transportation at the Department of Transportation

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Glenn Reynolds

Chaired Professor of law at University of Tennessee

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Dr Dana G Andrews

University of Washington Seattle | UW · Aeronautics Doctor of Philosophy

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Picture Egbert Edelbroek SBU.jpg

Egbert Edelbroek

CEO SpaceBorn United, space life science researcher

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Jennifer Fogarty

Director of Applied Health and Performance at Sophic Synergistics LLC

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John Weathersby 

Founder and CEO of StellarModal Intermodal Transportation Association 

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