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Space Medicine and Human Longevity
in Space Q3 2021

Full Report  65 Pages
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“Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021” is an open-access 65-pages report.

One Pager
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Teaser 20 Pages
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Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021 summarizes key observations in the SpaceTech ecosystem, a rapidly evolving and exponentially growing industry. In it, we have assembled information about key industry trends and created a comprehensive database of more than 500 Space Medicine-related private companies, 300 leading investors, and 100 R&D Hubs and Associations.​

This overview gives a detailed description of the innovative approaches to control Human Longevity in Space and treat systemic disorders, highlighting their practitioner application for astronauts’ recovery after space flights. Overall, this analytical case study offers a one-stop expert evaluation of a novel and dynamic industry with high growth potential.

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