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Image by Artur D.

SpaceTech Landscape Overview 2021 / Q2

Full Report 165 Pages

This 165-page “SpaceTech Industry 2021 Landscape Overview” report marks the first installment in a series of reports on the topic of the space industry.

One Pager
Teaser 30 Pages

The main aim of this series of reports is to provide a comprehensive overview of the industry landscape. This overview highlights SpaceTech cooperation trends in a form of informative mindmaps and infographics as well as benchmarks the performance of key players that form the space and relations within the industry. This is an overview analysis to help the reader understand what is happening in the industry nowadays and possibly give an idea of what is waiting for it in the nearest future.

We assume the presence of minor inaccuracies in the first iteration of the project, which will be corrected in future releases.

Associated Materials
Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Interactive Mindmaps
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