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Investment Digest SpaceTech Industry 2021/Q3

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“Investment Digest SpaceTech Industry 2021/Q3” is a special case study that gives an extended overview of SpaceTech financials. It summarizes the key players and observations within the SpaceTech industry and creates numerous opportunities to participate for diversified investors. This digest will provide navigation through these expanding SpaceTech opportunities and market dynamics.

In the 120-page investment digest, we have information about key industry trends and more than 12,000 private and 170+ publicly traded SpaceTech companies in 14 industry sectors, 4,000 leading investors in 50+ countries, and other SpaceTech related players, contribute to the growing space economy experiencing a rapid growth nowadays.

This project includes the first-in-its-kind methodology developed by the team of SpaceTech Analytics to identify the relatedness of the companies which are actively contributing to the fast-growing SpaceTech industry.​ In the next iteration of our analytical report, we will develop our own SpaceTech index where we will range the companies into different groups in order to provide the most advanced descriptive analytics of the whole industry.

We assume the presence of minor inaccuracies in the second iteration of the project, which will be corrected in future releases.

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