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Funding Rounds

Leading Companies by Investment and Funding Stage

Spacetech industry is made of a big variety of spheres. From companies that study propulsion and manufacture engines to companies that develop medicine for astronauts. From those that only produce specific materials to those that design both software and hardware for the launch vehicles.


Since SpaceTech is a really broad industry tag, there are a lot of companies that touch upon space-related technologies but don’t quite reach the scale of space exploration, like television providers for example. However, there is still a huge number of companies, that are on the frontline of the space frontier and have formidable market capitalisations and investments. 


There is a list of companies that fully manufacture unmanned and/or manned launch vehicles, that carry the payload to different levels of Earth orbit. They usually specialize and differ much. Some are good for launching nano-satellites, others benefit from being fully customizable. 


Some leading companies manufacture the crucial parts of the launch vehicles. For example thrusters of space station modules. Some even assemble specialized satellites or develop new technologies, that can be capitalized on in near future. Most of them attach many investments.

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