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Blockchain in SpaceTech Q4 2021

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Blockchain in SpaceTech Joint Case Study focuses on the relationship between the two of the most fast-developing frontier sectors: SpaceTech and Blockchain. With 2021 nearing its’ end, there have already been several successful applications of blockchain technology in the SpaceTech industry. The basis of the case study is the accumulated information on 40+ companies, that are involved in both sectors. As it stands, the sector shows huge prospects for expansion and growth in the near future.

The ways SpaceTech and Blockchain industries could connect and integrate with each other are numerous, starting with tokenizing of space assets, supply chain applications, and many others like security, data, financing, and sustainability issues. As blockchain moves into outer space, its ability to tokenize spacecraft and payloads could help in massive upcoming space projects such as the international, collaborative Gateway space station NASA wants to build in lunar orbit.